So You Want to Buy a Game. Now What?

Watching a game trailer can really hype you up. A lot of the time, you become very intrigued by what you saw that buying the game is a no-brainer.

However, before buying a game, you have to remember a few things. The most important part of every game is its requirements. No matter how great it may seem, if your computer cannot run it, then it is a losing effort. Every game shows their system requirements at the sale page. All you have to do is check.

Check If Your Device Can Handle It

System requirements have minimal and recommended settings. Most players who are intent on playing the game always aim for the recommended. However, to play the game at its most minimal, you need far less. Take note however that these minimal settings often come with major tradeoffs in terms of gaming experience. While you can still play the entire game’s story, you may not appreciate it as much with poor graphics and long loading times.

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Check How Your Setup Matches

If your PC’s hardware is somewhere in the middle of the minimal and recommended settings, you can always find out if it is enough. Several sites can estimate whether your PC can handle a game by matching it with experiences of other users. All you need are specific details of your hardware. Finding out the name (brand), model, and size of your processor, hard drive, memory, and graphics card is a good start. To get these, simply right click on your ‘My Computer’ folder and select ‘Properties’.

Summing Up

Games are fun, however you should note that modern games can have high requirements. Newer games, especially the big ones, fall in this category since they usually require an updated PC. If you think your PC can handle it, then by all means, go for it. If you have doubts, it never hurts to check.

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