8 Technological Trends Predicted “Booming” This Year

Year 2017 can be regarded as the year of technology . The reason, many new and updated technologies were born that year, ranging from digital currencies, artificial intelligence, to data storage services. All adopted using technology.

Application of technology in various aspects is intended to facilitate the livelihood of many people. Because, this breakthrough promises a practical thing. Therefore, no doubt if the year 2018 there is the possibility of technology can be more advanced than the previous year.

Entering 2018, geekandtech.com will discuss a number of technologies that have been developed in 2017 and predicted to be popular by 2018. What are they? Check out the following reviews:


Blockchain is a technology concept that can record data transactions through notes called blocks . This technology is claimed to be the most secure system because it is not held by one organization, but thousands of public computers.

In 2017, Blockchain became popular because the Bitcoin-type crypto currency experienced a spike with fantastic value. Even so, many countries have not legalized transactions through this one digital currency.

But that’s not how. Because, in 2018 is reserved as the year crypto currency began to ogled. In addition to bitcoin, alternative digital currencies began to dare to show off, one of which is Etherum and Litecoin.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence(AI) is one of the technologies that colored a number of moments in 2017. Because, last year artificial intelligence has begun to act as an autonomous computer that can do certain tasks.

For example, the robot Sophia created Hanson Robotics. Artificial intelligence embedded in this robot is claimed as the most sophisticated. Because, Sophia can speak at once respond to the interlocutor, and issued a variety of expressions. Sophia was given the honor as the first Robot who was granted citizenship by the Government of Saudi Arabia.

In addition to Sophia, some other artificial intelligence has been created from the hands of a number of experts. These include artificial intelligence capable of writing horror stories, to artificial intelligence created to perform complex analysis and sorting of data to replace humans.

Although still experiencing many shortcomings, artificial intelligence will continue to grow and become one of the trends in 2018. Is one day artificial intelligence will really replace humans? No one knows.

Augmented Reality (AR Reality)

Augmented Reality

In addition to artificial intelligence, augmented reality (AR) technology or artificial reality is widely used by a number of technology companies. Because, this technology is perceived easier to use than his brother, virtual reality (VR).

In order to adopt AR, users only need a device equipped with a camera like a smartphone. As a result, a number of imaginary objects can appear on the phone screen after the user activates the application that has adopted this technology.

Pokemon Game Go! becoming one of the most technological AR applications ever hype in almost every corner of the world. Despite the animosity of Pokemon GO! is now beginning to decline, a number of applications are still applying AR technology.

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