5 Tips for Not Being Fooled Download Fake Android and iOS Applications

Not careful then stuck downloading fake applications is a common scenario when testing smartphones. Though fake applications can be fatal, ranging from damaging a smartphone to retrieving personal information from a user.

Therefore, it is important to ensure that the application you are downloading is original. So, how to avoid the fake application trap from ignorant people? First , as much as possible download the application from the official Apple App Store store or Google Play Store .

fake applications

There are several applications that download options from other sites and may be interesting, but think about the impact if the application is fake. Although many fake applications are milling about in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, handling them will be fast.

These applications usually do not last long. Second, read the application description. If you see a lot of spelling and grammar errors, chances are that the application is fake. Trusted developers will be very serious when making descriptions, so language errors are almost impossible.

Third , the importance of looking at the review. Get used to reading reviews before deciding to download the application. If it’s fake, there must be some reviews that clearly say it. Fourth, research on application developers.

Browse the developer background before using the application. If you find anything suspicious, for example a developer does not have an official site or social media, do not download the application. Fifth, download numbers.

This is the easiest indicator and arguably quite accurate. The more download applications, the credibility can be said to be capable. Good luck trying to be more careful in downloading the application.


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