Video Games: Get Now or Wait a Bit?

Video games offer a ton of memorable moments. They are fun, challenging, and best of all, they are a fantastic way to spend a lazy afternoon.

The one constant thing about video games over the past decades is emphasis on price. No matter where you play the game, be it a PlayStation, Xbox, or PC, you have to pay for it first. And that is where the trouble usually begins. Because no matter how good a game can be, if the price is too high, players may not think it is worth it.

Patience vs Splurge

This boils down to your next choice – will you pay full price now, or wait a year or so until the price goes down. For dedicated players, fans of a particular franchise, or those with bigger budgets, buying now is a no-brainer. Plenty of players even go so far as to pre-order a game they really want.

This involves buying the game months in advance. While they cannot play the game yet, they receive perks for their purchase such as bonus in-game items and discounts. For some, this is a worth-it transaction. For others, it can be seen as blindly paying upfront for an unproven, unreviewed game.

A Bit of Waiting

For those with slimmer wallets, waiting a little while for sales or discounts is the right choice. Games nowadays, especially on bigger brands, feel more like an investment rather than a hobby. They can go upwards of $100, and even then, the expenses are not over. Expansion packs, season passes, and microtransactions can add more and more to the total expenditure.

Waiting a year or so may seem long, but it can give the game a bit of time to lower its prices. As games get older, the lower their prices become. If these games have sequels, the older games also receive discounts as a way to encourage people to try them out.

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