Video Galaxy S9 “Tortured” and Burned, How’s The Condition?

Not a few people who are waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S9 in hand, to try out some of the flagship features. Like the slow-motion camera feature, AR emoji, or tested the quality of the camera with catapult in low-light conditions.


galaxy s9 and s9 plus

However, one of the famous YouTubers with the name of the channel “JerryRigEverything”, has other interests. YouTuber who often torture this upscale smartphone also wants to do the same with Galaxy S9. He wanted to prove whether the premium specifications that are spelled really appropriate reality.

Initially, he tested the endurance of protected screen Gorilla Glass 5 is thicker than its predecessor, Galaxy S8. Then he gave the numbers 2 through 9 to measure the scratch level, and continued to scratch the surface of the screen using a sharp object.

As a result, scratches begin to appear at number six and deeper in figure seven. Jerry claims, HTC line that carries the crystal sapphire screen still holds the top scratch resistant, where new scratches in the number eight.

With this result, the Galaxy S9’s super AMOLED panel is quite safe when scratched with razor blades, coins and keys. Then he proceeded to scratch the pad at the bottom of the screen, and there were no scratches. He proceeded to “zip” into the earpiece above the metal display to keep the earpice clean.

Once scratched with a cutter , looks quite clear scratches. Front camera part was not spared from scratches. However, the camera module is immersed beneath the glass layer, making the front camera safe from blotching. Different results are on the side of the device made of aluminum.

When scratched, it is clear if the color layer on the chassis is quite severe.”Difficulty” proceeds to the bottom of the device. The first target is a 12 megapixel camera and fingerprint scanner that is changing position compared to Galaxy S8. The result is quite impressive for the camera.

Thanks to the glass protector, not enough visible scratches. However, the fingerprint scanner is scratched quite badly, although when tested it still works. Similarly, the performance of the camera, which still works normally when trying to feature AR emoji.

On the sidelines of the camera test, Jerry was impressed with the dual-aperture feature in the rear camera that previously existed in professional cameras now appear in the line of smartphones. Satisfied to tear the screen and back, he then tried to burn the screen.

After the fire is turned off, white patches on the screen recover instantly. The last durability test is bent. In observation geekandtech through YouTube , Thursday (15/3/2018), Jerry tried to bend the Samsung Galaxy S9 more than three times the experiment.

“Samsung has never failed in my previous resilience test with this aluminum frame upgrade, the result remains the same”, he explained. He added a few notes while trying to bend the 2016 Galaxy S7 Edge then, seen a crack in the back of the rear. How to complete the test of Samsung Galaxy S9, can be seen in the following video.

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