Troubleshooting your Gaming Monitor

Buying a gaming monitor would mean a vast upgrade to the basic screen visuals. Plenty of video game players spend good money on one to enjoy their game fully. For some however, they never see any difference. Why is that? Did they just spend hundreds of dollars on a high-end monitor only to see the same results as a basic one?

Refresh Rate Issues

The answer is simple – odds are your monitor’s settings have the standard 60hz instead of the gaming monitor’s 120+hz. This refresh rate is the main difference between visuals in a standard monitor and a gaming one. With refresh rates above the standard 60hz, you will be able to see smoother animation, better response time, and an overall better gaming experience.

Troubleshooting the Issue

Lucky for you, you do not need any technical know-how in order to fix this issue. You do not need to bring it to a tech shop, or even have to tinker with the monitor’s manual settings.

Opening your Display Settings, going to Advanced Display Settings, and looking up Monitor Properties can help you in this regard. Odds are your monitor is still set to its default instead of what is can actually do. Clicking the 60hz option brings down another menu, where it will show the monitor’s capabilities. Shifting to a higher refresh rate fixes this issue, and you are all set to enjoy gaming’s visuals at its finest.

Other Potential Issues

What if your gaming monitor now runs on 120hz, but still has no significant improvements in visuals? Checking the other parts of the PC would be the next step. A graphics card that cannot handle the maximum requirements for a game may not be able to handle the job you want. When this happens, you will not be able to enjoy the game at its peak performance.

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