Tips Bring Like in Instagram with Holiday Photos

Photos traveling or vacation, flooded a lot of social media, especially for millennial Instagram users today. Shooting the holiday moment was used as a benchmark of existence, even personal branding for some Instagram users.

Merese Lombok

To record the holiday moments, not merely using top-class digital cameras, the sophistication of cameras on mobile devices today, deserve to compete to produce exciting content on Instagram. But, how to maximize the use of your smartphone’s camera to generate a picture traveling the Instagrammable, alias unsightly our followers?

Traveler and photographer, Princess Anindiya share simple tips, which often escape when capturing holiday moments. In fact, these ways can be maximized to create an epic and characteristic holiday photos.

1. Clean the lens

Some of the smartphone photographers, neglected to clean the camera lens. In fact, it is important to reduce the “defects” in the shots. The lens on the smartphone can be cleaned with a cotton shirt, which is being worn. However, it is better if cleaning it using a fiber cloth, which is used to clean the lens glasses.

2. Leading lines

Simply, leading lines are patterns, can be lines that point to an object. For example, the shadow lines from the poles during the day, the former footprints in the sand, the pattern of the ceiling of the house or motif on the floor. “Sometimes people are not sensitive about the lines, but with the line, can make the picture more character and stronger toward the object”, explained Puan, greeting familiar Princess.

She added, to make the photo leading lines, must be sensitive enough to see the conditions, for the sake of finding small things but character.

3. Good lighting

Lighting is a prime requirement of photography, because good lighting and sufficient, will automatically create good shots as well. However, what if the light coming in a little, like at dusk, night, or indoor indoor minimal light? The answer is in the aperture setting or lens aperture.

For low light conditions, the manual mode is very unlimited for the use of smartphone camera by adjusting to smaller numbers. “If the matter of good lighting, Samsung Galaxy S9 already have a concept as DSLR so, because it has a dual-aperture of it. Like for example the sun is very hot, in manual mode can be replaced from f / 1.5 to f / 2 , 4, depending on the light conditions “, explained Puan.

4. Different perspective

Puan herself admitted if she often violate the nature of composition in photography. But, it is actually a characteristic itself for a Puan. For example, when many people always rely on golden lines, or parallel to the eye -view, other perspectives can be taken by taking the angle from the bottom though, even flipping the smartphone’s camera to get a unique angle.

Problem shooting different perspective, Puan encourage photographers traveling to be more sensitive to the conditions, and changing the mind-set. References from other professional photographers also need to be studied in order to make photographic compositions different from others.

“The point is to be more characterized his picture”, he added when he became a speaker in the Media Workshop: Optimizing Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus for Epic Content, held by Samsung in Lombok, Tuesday (3/3/2018).

5. Find the natural frame

To produce more natural photos, Puan suggests to take advantage of natural framing. Natural frames can use trees, buildings, people, or look for cracks of building ornaments, which lead directly to the object.

6. Discover simple artistic moments

Artistic photos do need skill and high sensitivity. Simple but artistic things, actually found many, even in everyday life, such as the arrangement of the room in the house. Artistic photographs can also be taken by shooting at the shadow, rather than the original object.

7. Photo street or human interest

Holiday photos are not just about landmarks or selfie photos. Another story about the area where the holidays were, can be told through portraits of human interest that is easy to find when traveling.

Sometimes, the moment seemed to be common to the human eye and nothing. However, it will be a different story if immortalized in an artistic photo, to create great content.

8. Take advantage of portrait mode

Dual camera settings are commonly found in smartphone current. So bokeh photo is no longer a difficult thing. To produce a photo with Instagram’s bocking effect, Puan suggests to find the hallmark of the object.

For example, facial expressions, or other angles that impress the object. Puan emphasizes the importance of consistency and self to create exciting content on Instagram. “What makes good content is do what you love wrote, if you like selfie ya make a good selfie, if you like the food that makes a good food photos with the basics that I said earlier”, said Puan.

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