This Label Can Make Your Clothes Wear Like Fitness Tracker

So far we know fitness tracker or fitness monitor in the form of smartwatch or smartband worn on the wrist. In order to work, the device requires resources. Of course the resources of the device are rechargeable batteries. Because the device relies on the battery as a power source, of course if its power has been exhausted then the device will not work. Now there is a company that can solve the problem.

The company is Spire that launches new Health Tag products. This is a health monitoring label that can work even without the need for a charger. Shaped like a label in general that can stick in your clothes. Because it can work without the need for a charger, so you do not have to worry when your smartwatch or smartband runs out of battery because this label can work continuously.

Even this label is also waterproof which means if you wear it to the gym and sweat, it will not be a problem. Even when the label is also washed it will not be a problem for him. Basically, this label has a battery that can last up to 1.5 years, but not yet certain how strong the adhesion of the label is more so if often exposed to sweat or washed. As for the monitoring feature, the label will display standard tracking information, and will also be able to offer personal guidance for sleep and daily activities. Although it has a standard function, but this device is quite helpful for those who are not comfortable if using smartwatch or smartband. For the price, Health Tag is sold in retail or pack. If you intend to buy it retail, the price is $ 49. But if you want to buy one package, it costs $ 200 for 8 units and $ 300 for 15 units.

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