Electric Car Manufacturer Tesla Launches Powerbank For Android and iOS

If you hear the name of Tesla, surely the imagined in our minds is a sophisticated electric car development company Elon Musk. This company is concentrating on the development of future transportation, but who would have thought this company is also interested to do business in the mobile segment, precisely presenting accessories for smartphones.

tesla lightning adapter

The Palo Alto-based company has just launched Tesla Powerbank, which is a portable powerbank as in general. In addition to prioritizing functionality, powerbank is also intended as a collection because the design of Tesla Powerbank is a tiny resplika of “Supercharger Monument”.

Tesla Powerbank

For those of you wondering what the Supercharger Monument is, it’s basically the place to charge Tesla’s electric car, where the Supercharger Monument can be found in some cities that market Tesla’s car products. In other words, the Supercharger Monument can also be referred to as a special refueling station for Tesla electric cars. While this powerbank has a battery capacity of 18,650 mAh and has two different types of ports, namely micro USB for Android devices and port lightning for iOS devices. In addition, there are also indicators that will display the power status of the battery. To get Tesla Powerbank, you only need to spend of $ 45

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