This is the reason why you have to change your Instagram password now

Thousands of Instagram users claim that their account has been hacked. They found their account log-out suddenly with passwords and e-mails that changed to Russian domains. Hackers seem pretty smart. They are able to deactivate the two-factor authentication mode (two factor authentication / 2FA) in the user account.

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Some victims admitted that their account activated the feature, but it was still able to be penetrated. This mode is known to be safer than hacking, because the steps are authentic steps. Some Instagrammers try to ask Instagram for help to recover the account.

Unfortunately, some reports say that it doesn’t help at all. The victim who had given up recovering the account finally made a new account and gave up the old account that was hacked. So, how to avoid hacking Instagram accounts again? As stated before, two-factor authentication alone is not enough.

Two factor authentication only uses SMS as notification of verification number. It is not impossible, hackers are also targeting the user’s SIM number, as happened on the Reddit site earlier this month. SIM hackers target Reddit administrators.

The best way to secure an Instagram account is to change the password. Changing a stronger and more unique password can reduce the risk of breaking into an account. Using different passwords on each account will also help reduce the potential for hacking.

Users also need to regularly change the password. If you don’t want to forget, there are several applications for storing passwords, such as Dropline, Last Pass, or Keeper, each of which is compatible with iOS and Android based enthusiasts.

Even though two-factor authentication is in fact still able to be hacked, but there is no harm in activating the security feature. Because, in this case, there were only a few victims who claimed to activate two-factor authentication.

That means, victims who do not activate 2FA are more likely to be broken into. Also make sure the user does not provide Instagram account credentials to suspicious third-party applications or sites. Reported from Tom’s Guide , Thursday (08/16/2018), Instagram said it would form a special team to help secure user accounts and make the authentication method two steps safer.

Instagram has also provided account security tips which can be seen at the following link . The photo sharing service is also reportedly providing security systems using the Google Authenticator application. This application will send the token number or security code to the user.

Hacking action that afflicts thousands of Instagram accounts is quite different from hacking that ever happened. There were no reports of the removal or loss of photographs of victims or sending spam using the victim’s account.

Perpetrators just replace profile photos and delete bio on Instagram victims. Chances are, the perpetrator utilizes an Instagram account hacked as a bot or component to carry out further hacking.


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