The Sticker feature on WhatsApp starts to be spread

A year later, WhatsApp is busy enriching the features on its platform. Starting from the video call in congregation, extending the delete period of the message, and reply to WhatsApp Status with GIF or document file.

whatsapp illustration

Not to stop, towards the end of the year, WhatsApp finally released the sticker feature for users globally, after being tested internally. This sticker feature on WhatsApp has begun to land on the Android and iOS platforms.

For iOS users, you can find stickers collections on the sub-menu, along with icons to share photos and videos. While for Android users, can access stickers through the emoji sub-menu in the message writing column, next to GIF. For prefix, WhatsApp only provides some basic stickers.

But in the future, users can download more stickers according to their choice. They can also take stickers from third parties that will be added WhatsApp soon. Summarized from Phone Arena, Thursday (10/25/2018), when receiving the sticker, users can tap on the sticker to find out information about the sticker received, if they haven’t collected it.

If interested, users can add the sticker as a favorite sticker. To try it out, users must update WhatsApp to version 2.18.329 on the Google Play Store, even though users who are still using version 2.18.310 can also try this feature. While for iOS users, can update the WhatsApp application to version 2.18.100.

From observation today, even though it has been rolled out globally, the spread of sticker features for both Android and iOS users has not been evenly distributed. The most recent update on the Android platform is the addition of a gesture function, where the user can reply to a message simply by sliding it to the right. Chances are, the sticker feature will start evenly in the next few weeks.


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