Submission of “Check Blue” on Instagram is Now Easier, Here’s how

A verified account that is identical to the blue check will certainly make it easier for users to distinguish genuine accounts of public figures , brands , or other entities with fake / clone accounts. Given the importance of the blue check, Instagram starts to make it easier to submit a verification account.

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If previously the prospective election account holder had to request the Instagram help page, now submitting a verification account is enough through the account profile only. How, open the profile menu, then select “settings” with the gear icon and select “request verification”.

After that, the user must fill in a form consisting of the username , full name, and attachment of the official or business identity. Verification submission is not immediately approved. Instagram will first review the account that has been submitted.

Some review points include authenticity, whether representing a real person, a business, and an actual well-known entity or not. The next point is completeness, such as setting up a public account (public account) , bio, profile photo, and at least one posting. Finally, Instagram will review the feasibility of representing individuals, brands , or well-known entities that people often search for.

For publishers or mass media, Instagram will consider the news content published by the media. The user will receive a confirmation whether the submission is accepted or not through the notification tab. Instagram confirms that this submission is free or free of charge.

“We listen to user requests to facilitate access to get verification on Instagram. We hope this new way can better protect Instagram users from the lure of verification from other parties and help our users around the world to understand and navigate the verification process on Instagram, “said an Instagram representative.

Before asking for a blue badge, Instagram account must pay attention to the terms and conditions and the Instagram community guide that has been determined.


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