Social media and you: is privacy dead?

The internet brings human connectivity to a scale never seen before. With connections online more available and affordable to everyone, talking with people is easier than ever.

Social Media Frenzy

The rise of social media sites in the early 2000s also contributed heavily to communication at a global scale. Instead of waiting weeks – if not months – for snail mail, you can instantly send a message to someone halfway across the world.

However, with the increase in social media and communication, we also see the loss of privacy. Now, anyone can easily type your name on websites and your account shows up in a matter of seconds. People you do not know can be browsing your photo albums right now. Strangers may even see your phone number, home address, and even the places you have been. By accessing these social media sites, you relinquish a bit of your privacy in order to stay connected with friends.

To ensure your privacy in this modern world, you have to take certain precautions.

Tips to Ensure your Privacy:

  • Go to the Privacy Settings for each social media site you frequent.
  • Use the option that only allows friends to see your personal information.
  • Make sure to check which info on your profile are set to Public, Friends Only, and Private.
  • Know how to block users in each site you go to.
  • Do not use your main email address to sign up at random websites. Use your spare accounts with limited information and connection about you.
  • Avoid inputting your Credit card digits, social security information, and phone numbers at sites you do not trust.
  • Always keep a strong password for your accounts and make sure to change them regularly.
  • Avoid putting your personal photos at sites you do not trust, and set their visibility to your preferred audience.

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