PUBG Restore Rain Metal Game Mode

Game enthusiasts Player Unknown’s Battleground Player ( PUBG ) may rejoice with this news. The reason PUBG Corp. brought back the Rain Metal game mode after some time removed. Metal Rain is a game mode in which players can search for a flare and shoot it into the sky to call a plane carrying ammo aid. The plane will later drop a box of help for the calling player.

Rain Metal Game

The box may contain ammunition or vehicle depending on which player is lighting the flare. If the player is in a safe area of ​​the game, then the aircraft will lower the number of ammunition that can be used. There are even some rare items that can be included in this ammunition.

Whereas if a player turns on a flare outside the safe area of ​​the game, then the relief plane will drop a vehicle so the player can slide into the safe zone. The rules of this mode play just the same as in general. Players must attack each other in order to survive until the last.

But the difference in Metal Rain mode allows players to form a group of eight members. Quoted from Polygon on Friday (20/7/2018), unfortunately the new Rain mode can be enjoyed by a particular region and can only be played by non-mobile PUBG players. While fans of PUBG Mobile in time should bite the fingers.


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