Making the Most out of your Purchase

The problem with technology today is fragility. One drop can break a device entirely. While you may not see cracks or shattered pieces, a drop can also knock around and damage the hardware within. When this happens, they fail to function properly, if at all.

Investment Longevity

While it may be frustrating to coddle your devices, in the long run it is an absolute necessity. These gadgets can be very expensive. The goal after purchasing becomes trying to get the most out of your investment.

Purchasing a thousand dollar phone only to have it last a month would mean it cost thirty-three dollars per day to use. If the same phone lasted ten years, then the price per day becomes twenty cents – more than enough to justify the investment. Of course, preventing any breakage also prevents you, the consumer, from paying for replacements and repairs.

To help increase the odds of survival during the first months/years of your device’s life, you have to do a few things.

A Case of Finding Protection

The most common way to increase your device’s survivability is through protective casings. Plenty of third party casings can be purchased for your phone, tablet, or laptop. In several instances, the manufacturer even offers their own case for their products – for a much more expensive price.

These cases often come in silicone, plastic, or even metal. Their main goal is to act as the first line of defense against physical damage in case of accidents. While they may make your device bulky, the added padding can prevent any damage in case of drops or bumps. Some cases offer higher ‘defense’ than others, and you have to decide how ‘clunky’ your case can be for the defense they offer.

Other functions of these cases include slip resistance, waterproofing, and ease of use. With a combination of these factors, your device’s lifespan has a higher chance of going to distance.

Warranty Safety Net

Of course, the main safety net on the first few years of a device is the warranty. Warranty comes with every new device and they offer protection for a definite period of time. This gives you a window to return or repair the item if something unexpectedly breaks. While it does not cover everything, you can easily use the warranty in case of accidents, factory errors, and faulty features.

Here is where the tricky part comes in. Trying to use that warranty can be difficult to claim if you purchased your device online. If the item came from a far way region, you may find it difficult to see that warranty take effect, if at all. Purchasing online may be convenient, but seeing repairs and replacements come your way is close to impossible. For the most part, they can also take a long time to process and take effect.

Locally purchased goods may take some legwork, but warranties are easier to claim. All you need is the receipt and the device in question. Replacements also take a shorter period of time as the sources of these shops are most likely also local.

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