Japan Will Use Drones To Remind Overworkers To Get Back Home

For now, working overtime is commonly done to complete work and meet deadlines. One of the countries that is famous for its workers who often overtime is Japan, even in the country working overtime has become a work culture. Not surprisingly this has some negative consequences on it, but it is also something that is being decided by the Japanese government.


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As reported by Engadget, one Japanese company named Taise has created an unmanned drone or drone. The unmanned aircraft is specially designed to reduce overtime time. If drones are usually used for surveillance and security, drones are now also able to help deliver workers who work late to go home.

Then how does this drone work? Basically the unmanned aircraft will fly around the office and sing “Auld Lang Syne”, which is usually used in Japan to show closing time. The idea, when the workers hear the music, they will get a signal that they may have been working too long and it is time to get out.

In addition, the noise from the unmanned aircraft will also make it difficult for workers to concentrate to work, thus forcing them to return home immediately. Taisei plans to build the unmanned aircraft and its services are available to companies in Japan starting April 2018 for around $ 443 per month.

But it is not yet known how effective this idea would be if it were applied in the sunrise country, where its workers were used to working overtime.

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