iPhone Apparently Can Be Indicator Of Someone’s Earnings

It is undeniable, the Apple products is often regarded as a luxury and exclusive boil. Even in the United States, a study shows that the iPhone and iPad can be an indicator of the size of one’s income. Research published by the University of Chicago and the United States National Economic Research Bureau (NBER) shows that iPhone and iPad owners tend to earn high.

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In at least seven out of ten occasions (69.1 percent), the iPhone is a positive indication that the owner has more income than the average citizen. This research is based on 2016 data which is still considered relevant to the current condition. Keep in mind that in 2016, Apple has not released the iPhone X notebene price range far above other iPhone models.

Research is done by testing some attributes to the subjects. These attributes include media consumption, consumer behavior, time of use, to social behavior. From this attribute the researcher then take the conclusion based on the sample test results.

iPad is also an indicator of income

Other findings are in addition to iPhone owners, those with Apple iPad also tend to have high earnings, with a probability of 66.9 percent. “Knowing if someone has an iPad in 2016 allows us to guess exactly whether the person is in the category of high or low income,” said the researcher as quoted from Mashable , Tuesday (10/07/2018).

“During 2016 from our data, no brand represents more upscale economic status other than the Apple iPhone,” they continued. Indeed, all this time Apple products have always been associated with luxury. Because of the price, Apple products are always priced relatively high.

Ownership of goods from certain brands that become indicators of the magnitude of these revenues change over time. In 1992, for example, the NBER study revealed that the strongest indicator for large incomes was wearing Gray’s brand mustard Poupon Dijon and buying Kodak camera films.

Then, in 2004, the indication of the rich was to apply butter Land O ‘Lakes Regular and wear Kikkoman soy sauce. In the current era of gadgets, according to a recent study as mentioned above, the position of the kitchen spice and spread bread spread by Apple devices.


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