iOS 11.4 Turn off USB Port on iPhone is Locked

Apple is developing USB technology Restricted Mode that allows the operating system iOS lock USB port ( lightning ) in the iPhone, so it can not be used to move data. This feature was discovered by Elcomsoft researchers. They found it in the iOS 11.4 programming code, which is currently in beta for developers.

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Public beta version will be released in the next few days. The new Restricted Mode USB technology is enabled once the iPhone screen is locked and completely unopened for seven consecutive days. If the user unlocks the screen, then the USB key also automatically opens again.

Information quoted from Techcrunch, Friday (5/11/2018), USB key is useful to prevent data in the iPhone is taken without the owner’s knowledge. Because, under normal circumstances, when the iPhone is connected to a computer or other device, there will be data exchange that makes them both recognize each other, can copy data and other commands.

People will be able to take advantage of this condition to enter and retrieve data from iPhone whose screen is locked. But if the Restricted Mode USB technology is enabled, then the lightning port on the iPhone can only be used to recharge power.

There is no data exchange, so the effort to break through USB will be in vain. The existence of such technology would make it difficult for law enforcers to thieves who do intend to extract data from the iPhone. Especially before, law enforcement in the United States has managed to get software that could unlock the iPhone confiscated from the perpetrators of crime.


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