How to Track IMEI IDs on Android Devices

Not a few mobile phone users ignore the phone identity number or International Mobile Equipment Identity ( IMEI ). In fact, a row of IMEI numbers usually consisting of 15 to 16 digits, can help track the lost phone. The number is usually in the inner device body, such as the battery.

Google Find My Device

IMEI can also be checked through the “about device” menu (on the device) on the phone or can also type a combination of numbers * # 06 #. However, what happens if our phone is lost and have not had time to record the IMEI number Especially for Android phones , Google has made an update application “Find My Device” to be able to trace IMEI number on the lost phone.

In version 2.2 update, Android smartphone users can track their mobile IMEI number, complete with IMEI registration date and when last seen. After you update the “Find My Device” app in the Play Store, tap the “i” icon that refers to the device information.

In it will be displayed type of device and IMEI number, as well as its first registration, as summarizes from 9to5 Google, Monday (28/05/2018). Keep in mind that the smartphone can be tracked, GPS and internet connection is on and the device is not off.

Once an IMEI number is obtained, the user can track it to a mobile carrier’s store to track the phone or block it. IMEI numbers are used by mobile operators to identify devices listed on their networks. Mobile phone tracking can also be done directly through the Find my Device application directly.

Android users can do some action after finding his phone disappeared through Find my Device. For example, ring a phone remotely, lock the device screen or delete all data on the phone at once.


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