Get to know e-SIM Technology on iPhone XS and XS Max

Apple officially introduced three new iPhone. Two of them namely the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are equipped with dual-SIM features. This is the first time Apple has pinned a dual-SIM feature on their iPhone. Uniquely, Apple uses e-SIM technology for one SIM card in this feature.

ESIM features on iPhone

What exactly is e-SIM? As we know, the Subscriber Identification Module or what we are familiar with the term “SIM card”, has several types based on the size of the Nano, Micro, and standard sizes. The most widely used today is Nano SIM because of its smaller size so it doesn’t take up a lot of space on a cellphone.

At first glance e-SIM is similar to the SIM card inject system which had sprung up a few years ago. The difference is, the SIM card inject system is carried out permanently for one cellular operator while e-SIM users can still change numbers from one operator to another.

As the name implies, e-SIM alias electronic SIM does not have a physical form like a card in general. E-SIM is a module that is integrated and attached to the cellphone and cannot be removed from random. First used E-SIM was first used on Samsung Gear S2 3G devices released 2016 ago. Even so, this e-SIM technology only got the spotlight when used on Apple Watch 3.

The size of the e-SIM module on a cellphone is very small, even smaller than the size of a Nano-SIM that is commonly found in high-end cellphones today. This is why e-SIM is often used on wearable devices such as smart watches released by Apple and Samsung.

Apart from that with a smaller size, e-SIM can enable smartphone manufacturers to make the shape of the cellphone remain compact and thin. By being put together with other internal components, e-SIM can be more resistant to water and dust because it does not use a physical SIM slot.

Make Cellular Operator Dizziness E-SIM has become a worrying specter in recent years for the mobile operator industry. The reason is, even though eSIM is made embedded in the device and difficult to remove, users are made easier if they want to switch from one operator to another.

Users can use certain software to change operators. So it’s enough to register eSIM for package offers from various operators, users can easily change services. This of course is one of the advantages of e-SIM especially if you often travel abroad.

By using e-SIM you no longer have to bother looking for physical SIM card sellers. Only through certain software you can immediately change operators according to those in the country. The future of E-SIM As reported from Trusted Review, Friday (9/14/2018), e-SIM is believed to be the new standard for SIM cards in the future.

Although the process and time is still long, the existence of the iPhone XS and XS Max that uses this feature will boost the number of e-SIM usage. Cellular operators were also asked to prepare for this change.

The Global System for Mobile Communications Association (GSMA) itself as an association that accommodates the interests of telecommunications operators around the world already have official standards for the operation of this e-SIM. That is, one day, it is possible that all mobile phones in the world will use e-SIM as the main standard and this will be the beginning of extinction for physical SIM cards.


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