Coronavirus: Escaping to the Digital

The world is currently experiencing a turbulent time due to the Coronavirus outbreak. For everyone’s safety, people around the globe lock up their doors and hunker down for the time being. Because of the quarantines and lockdowns, people find themselves spending more and more time at home. For many, this idea can be very confining. Outdoorsy types may feel closed-off, not being able to go out and enjoy their regular routines.

This goes double for those with smaller homes. The small spaces, the lack of activity, and the break in the norms can be frustrating. Even those preferring the comforts of their own home are not immune to this frustration. There is a difference between wanting to stay at home and being required to stay inside. Doing the usual routine during this quarantine period can become boring quickly. What can you do at home to pass the time?

Digital Socializing

While most places prohibit gatherings, and social distancing is in full force, this does not mean that communication is out. With the help of the internet, socializing with your friends and family is easier than ever before. From emails, social media, to even video chats, one can easily talk as if they were in the same room. While this cannot replace actual human interaction, with smooth connectivity and crystal clear images, it is the next best thing.

For school activities, this has also taken over the norms. Instead of schools, students worldwide are now using virtual classrooms in order to receive their education. Workplace meetings are also now on digital platforms. With a ton of programs free online, video chatting with your peers is as easy as pressing a button.

Digital Adventures

Video games are not only for the younger generations. Even the elderly can hop in and enjoy the action. Online games offer something more than mere entertainment. Most online games have a ton of social features where you can meet new people, create contacts, send messages, and play together.

While each player is in their own home, they can still play together. This can be a fun activity to share with friends, while also a great platform to meet new ones.

Digital Exercise

Yes, even exercising has received a major upgrade with technology. Keeping yourself active can be extremely difficult while contained indoors. There is far less space to move, which means you will find yourself more and more on a chair or a bed. To circumnavigate this issue, an exercise tracker such as Fitbit can be a great way to monitor your activity.

Even apps on phones can be used to count your steps. By simply walking in place or moving around your home from time to time, you can maintain a fairly active lifestyle. The idea behind these digital trackers is simple. It provides accountability. You cannot deny raw data, and with these trackers, you can see for yourself the amount of activity you do on a daily basis. For those wanting to have a more active lifestyle even during quarantine, setting target steps can be a great start.

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