Ad Blockers: What You Need to Know

Ad Blockers do more than you realize. In today’s internet scene where malware can lurk at every corner, a good ad blocker add-on is essential for your browser. A good ad blocker can make your internet-browsing experience a breeze.

Webpage Cleanup

At its core, ad blockers remove advertisements and banners from a webpage. Several ads online can be flashy, distracting, or even inappropriate. An ad blocker eliminates these factors from the page, leaving only the content you want. With a decent blocker, the layout of the webpage is a lot cleaner, easier to navigate, and nicer to look at.

The great feature of ad blockers is to prevent websites from autoplaying their ads. Several websites these days no longer only show banners that advertise their sponsors. While these may have been noticeable in the past, today’s new ads are even worse. They can play automatically as soon as you enter one of their pages. At some instances, they can even start playing even when they are not on the active tab of your browser. This leads to insufferable instances where you click each tab to see where the noise is coming from.

Accident Blocker

Ad Blockers are also the gatekeepers that protect you from involuntarily entering an unknown site. Plenty of ads online have one simple trick that gets clicks – the close button. Yes, while it sounds simple, it is incredibly effective. Ads often have fake ‘x’ buttons, which people would assume stops the ad from playing. Instead, these fake buttons are part of the ad itself. Attempting to click the button would instead forward you to the landing page of the ad.

Often times, these ads take you through malicious websites with potential for malware. Since these third party sites cannot get clicks willingly, using these tricks can help them generate traffic. Of course, these  With the help of ad blockers, these would never be an issue again. Ads simply cease to exist once these blockers are active. The only thing left after ad blockers are the actual close buttons themselves.

Recommended Versions

There are plenty of programs and add-ons that offer to block ads while you browse online. Some, however, are better than others. For the most part, you would want to stick with uBlock Origin for your browser add-on. uBlock does the job properly, whereas plenty of other ad blockers often make exceptions for their sponsors. This means that their sponsors’ ads will still show up while using your browser. Several other brands of ad blockers often show their own ads to you. uBlock does the job and it does the job properly without adding anything else.

In addition to uBlock Origin, you should also get the companion add-on uBlock Origin Extra. Extra supplements Origin, acting like a second net that helps catch any ads that may have found a way to bypass the first defense. A good ad blocker is essential for any modern browser. It helps antivirus programs keep malware at bay by preventing accidental clicks to unknown sites. For every new installation, an ad blocker should be installed before any regular use.

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