Accused of Receiving Qualcomm Chip Leaks from Apple, This Is Intel Comment

The difference between Qualcomm, Apple and Intel continues. Previously, Qualcomm had filed a lawsuit with allegations that Apple had stolen their manufacturer’s modem chip design, to be given to Intel. Qualcomm accuses Apple of illegal action to install a cheaper modem chip for the iPhone.

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Because the price pegged by Qualcomm is called higher than Intel’s chips. Intel did not remain silent. Through an official statement, Intel vice president and general counsel Steve Rodgers considers Qualcomm’s accusations to be mere rhetoric.

Especially in the campaign “no license, no chip” which Qualcomm echoed, it was found a number of trade competition violations in the world. Rodgers said that several countries were giving fines to Qualcomm, as evidence that the chipset manufacturer had violated trade laws.

Rodgers also said if his company would continue to fight Qualcomm claims in court. “For the rest, we choose to respond to Qualcomm’s statements in court, not in public,” Rodgers wrote in a statement.

He also mentioned that Qualcomm failed to win 88 patent cases that were said to have been violated by several products, including Intel. “(Allegations) are blatantly underestimating Intel products, products created from innovation and hard work by dedicated Intel research teams and technicians,” wrote Rodgers.

Furthermore, Rodgers recalled another case, that federal judges found convincing general evidence that Qualcomm requires other companies to receive separate licenses in order to get Qualcomm modem chip access. Apple’s Qualcomm lawsuit involving Intel has been submitted to the California High Court.

Reported from Gizmo China, Tuesday (02/10/2018), one source of accusations Qualcomm came from an anonymous posting believed to be a former Intel technician who had been dismissed. The technician said that if the chipset was made, the technicians were asked to ignore the principle of intellectual property rights.

“There is even a conspiracy to copy Qualcomm technology with instructions from Apple about” reference devices “, write an internet post called Qualcomm. Previously, Apple had said if the accusations filed by Qualcomm had no strong evidence.

“In August, Apple filed the same case motion to ask Qualcomm to show proof of the intended allegations, because the company (Qualcomm) continues to make claims without including the substance,” said Apple representative.


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