3 Steps Overcome the “Hang” PlayStation 4 due to Mysterious Messages

This week the PlayStation 4 users reported the system crashed after receiving a mysterious message. This damage occurs due to a bug in the message recipient system on the PS4 console. Responding to this problem, Sony announced that they had repaired and patched the bug.

Sony PlayStation 4 Pro 500

Through its official Twitter account, Sony said that this was not a big problem and could be overcome in less than 5 minutes. “We have fixed this problem, and it doesn’t damage the console, it only sends them into a crash loop that can be quickly repaired in less than 5 minutes,” Sony wrote.

Sony then then provides information on the steps that must be done by PS4 users whose consoles have problems. Here are 3 easy steps: – Delete messages via the PlayStation mobile application – Enter Safe Mode – Use Option 5 “The console returns to normal,” Sony wrote.

Quoted from Mobilesyrup , Wednesday (10/17/2018), although it has been fixed, Sony did not provide further explanation as to why this bug could occur. The reason is not a few users who lose the game and other data stored because of the bug. They also do not explain whether the user can recover data that has been lost or not.

Some time ago PS4 users reported a mysterious message that entered the PS4 console and made it hang. This bug is known to afflict a number of PS4 users who then warned other PS4 users on social media. According to the users, this bug makes PS4 console owners have to restart the console so that it can return to normal.

But there are some cases where the PS4 console that crashes cannot be repaired by simply restarting it. Instead it must be reset to factory settings to return to normal.


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