Why Nova 2 Lite Wear Snapdragon 430, Not Huawei Kirin?

Huawei actually have its own chipset that is Kirin for cell phone products. But Huawei instead chose Snapdragon 430 as the brain of the Nova 2 Lite smartphone. Of course this invites questions. Because during this Huawei phones mostly rely on Kirin processor for the kitchen sector runway.


Even for the previous series of Nova 2i introduced late 2017, Huawei still pinned Kirin 659. So why the mobile phone vendor from this Bamboo Curtain country chose to use a chipset made by Qualcomm for the Nova 2 Lite series?

According to Deputy Country Director of Huawei Indonesia Consumer Business Group, Lo Khing Sheng, this decision is because the Nova 2 Lite series has segments and different target market with its predecessor. Nova 2 Lite is more targeting and targeting the middle to lower market so that Snapdragon 430 chipset is more than enough to meet the needs of everyday consumers.

“Nova 2 Lite is located in the middle or even middle entry with Snapdragon 430 is enough and can meet millenial needs,” said Lo Khing in the launch of Huawei Nova 2 Lite, Wednesday (25/4/2018). Then he added that the Kirin chipset tends to be used for Huawei phones targeting the upscale market.

Since the target market of Nova 2 Lite is “kids of the day” then Snapdragon 430 is considered more suitable to fit in the appropriate price range. “Millenials can choose quality according to budget, for the high-end can select Nova 2i series using Kirin,” he said.

Although the phone with the frills “lite” is sold cheaper than the previous series and targeting the middle to lower class, Huawei said not yet have a price promotion strategy like other mobile phone vendors. To attract more customers, Huawei prefers to give additional gifts to buyers.

“We realize Huawei in the Indonesian market has not become a preferred brand but our confidence is that our strategy is not cheap, but by giving gifts we want to invite consumers to try Huawei’s products,” Lo Khing said.

With this target consumers Huawei is optimistic to widen its smartphone market share in Indonesia. Even bravely, Huawei targets to enter the top three largest market share in Indonesia in less than three years.

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