The Basics of Home Conferencing

The year 2020 has not been kind for a lot of people. With the Coronavirus pandemic spreading like wildfire all over the world, it may be a while before things start to turn back to normal. Activities such as social gatherings, office life, and even school learning are facing some alterations. Because of social distancing, these activities now happen at home – in front of the computer. This shifts daily activities to focus more around remote conferences instead of meeting face to face.

Those looking to setup their homes for remote communication should consider a few things. Here are some items you have to plan in order to do remote meetings.

Internet Connection Demands

While the internet connection speed required for online video calls is not high, you may still want to invest in a decent internet plan. A reliable connection is necessary to ensure that your calls remain connected throughout the entire meeting. A dodgy connection would be very frustrating as you will have to endure countless interruptions and disconnections. It may also look unprofessional for you to be drifting in and out of a meeting. For students, an unreliable connection may also prevent them from paying attention to the lessons.

Necessary Equipment for your Computer

A webcam is also necessary for a lot of these virtual calls. It provides you with the ability to display your side of the call to your cow-workers, classmates, teachers, and employers. Most professional jobs require webcams in order to make these meetings a breeze.

For those who prefer not to show their side of the conversation, a microphone can still provide a way to communicate. Whatever you choose, in order to hear the other end of the conversation, you also need speakers or headphones at your disposal.

Those looking to setup their homes for remote communication should consider a few things. Here are some items you have to..

Of course with both webcams and microphones, quality is an important factor. Basic versions do the job just fine, but for those who want a crystal clear visual, a high-end webcam is necessary. Those who want their voices heard clearly over the call, a high quality microphone must be purchased.

A decently built laptop has all of these built in to its system. If you do not have a laptop, you have to purchase these for your PC. Several webcams have microphones added to them, saving you a second trip to the tech shop. For microphones, higher-end headsets often have them, giving you private audio along the way.

Additional Notes

While webcams only see the front of your laptop or PC, your microphones can pick up sounds from a larger radius. Keep this in mind before any virtual calls or face chats. Check your surroundings for any noise, and inform those living with you about your incoming calls in advance. This prevents any video call accidents such as people walking in, roommates making a lot of noise, or even family members competing with the internet connection.

Cleaning the area visible from the webcam is also important in order to make a good impression. If your room is not very ‘visually appealing’, you can always use virtual backgrounds that only make you visible.

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