Paid vs Free Antivirus: What to Get?

Antivirus programs act as the safety net that helps prevent issues from occurring in your device.

Why Use Free Antivirus

There are plenty of free antivirus programs found online. Each brand of antivirus have their own free versions. These can be downloaded at their websites free of charge – however, there is always a catch. The most common catch is that the ‘free version’ has a limited timer. Once it pushes past a certain date, it becomes unusable. Companies hope that during this limited time, you can assess the program and see if you will be open to buying the ‘full version’.

Another issue with free versions is that they do not offer the ‘full’ services. Sure, they can provide users with scans that detect potential threats on your files. Users with the free version however may not be able to access advanced perks, such as real-time protection, scheduled scans, or even better defenses.

One of the best free antiviruses is already in your system – you just never noticed it. Windows Defender offers a fantastic shield, while keeping it light on performance.

Why Use Paid Antivirus

Now you may have asked yourself this question – who pays for antivirus? While it may not seem like something you, a single user, would want, businesses can see the benefits of a secure system. Those dealing with sensitive files can rest easier with a powerful shield watching over their work. Paid antivirus programs often offer layer upon layer of targeted protection. For example, you can have options to protect specific drives, or have a shield constantly monitoring your activity. They can even block a website from loading as soon as you click on a link.

The main issue with paid programs is – you guessed it – payments. These can be either one-time payments or a monthly subscription. Because of this, plenty of people would rather stay with their free versions. Still, having a paid antivirus program can help secure your system from any threat.

Final Words

Whichever you choose, one thing is certain. Antivirus programs are not the end all be all solution. One cannot simply install an antivirus and expect that their computer would be immune to all potential attacks. You, the user, ultimately have the final say on your computer’s protection. No matter how foolproof the plan of defense, your actions determines the effectiveness of the entire thing.

For the most part, common sense plays the most important role. Avoiding sketchy websites, never clicking on suspicious or unknown links from junk mail, or clicking on ads can go a long way. Plenty of virus infections on devices come directly from the user’s actions. You will never experience a virus attack if you use common sense while browsing online. It is as simple as that.

Antiviruses are there to act as a supplement, a frontline defense. You, the user, are still in charge of what goes on. Being aware of your actions, especially online, can help prevent issues like viruses or malware from entering your system.

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