Is a Tablet the Right Fit for You?

There comes a time when you may think of upgrading your phone. For some, the idea of having a tablet is a lot more appealing. But how do you know if a tablet is the right fit for you?

The main selling point when choosing a tablet over a smartphone is the screen size. For everything else, the portable and compact smartphone takes the cake. This makes the tablet a bit more targeted when it comes to function. For those thinking of purchasing a tablet, here are a few examples to consider.

E-Reader Access

For those who want digital access to books, a larger screen is a massive plus. Sure, a smartphone with an e-Reader app can do a decent job, but the screen severely limits the potential. Instead of reading the eBook normally, you may find yourself scrolling more. With the limited screen size, it may take some time to view pages, read paragraphs, and deal with constant zooming in and out.

A tablet offers a larger screen, which can fit more of an eBook’s page. With this, you can navigate through any page with ease.

Gaming Capabilities

While it is possible to play games at your phone, those wanting larger visuals may prefer downloading them on a tablet. With a tablet, you get a much more appealing sight. The texts are easier to read, the mechanics may also be easier to do. A larger screen also benefits those with poorer eyesight, such as children or the elderly.


Tablets also have their own negatives. Because of the larger screen, you may find it difficult to bring with you everywhere. Instead of fitting in your pocket, you have to carry it on a bag or hold it the entire time. Battery life is also an issue worth noting when it comes to tablets. The larger screen means more resources are used when active.

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