Instagram has a feature to monitor and limit usage time

Social media sharing photos, Instagram, this week began to start rolling out a new feature called “Your Activity” “in the application after being introduced last August. The feature called can record information about how long the user has spent using Instagram.

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In addition, Your Activity can set limits on the use of applications made by Facebook so that users do not glare too long at various photos and videos in it.

There is also the ability to deactivate notifications temporarily, so that users are not tempted to look at Instagram. Your Activity feature can be accessed through Instagram’s three-line horizontal menu located at the top right side of the user profile page.

In Your Activity settings there is a graph that shows how long Instagram is using for a week. Users can set a reminder of time ( reminder ) while providing a time limit for using Instagram.

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Notifications from applications, such as for comments and new messages, can be temporarily turned off from 15 minutes to 8 hours. This time limitation is nothing but intended so that users can manage their time in using social media wisely and have no impact on mental health.

On the other hand, similar features reportedly will also be present on Facebook, the parent company Instagram, with the headline “Your time on Facebook” which is said to be introduced next year. As summarized from The Verge on Friday (11/16/2018), Your Activity feature was rolled out gradually. Not yet known when all Instagram users will share evenly.


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