How to Deal with Online Lag

For those who enjoy online games, nothing puts the fun to a complete stop than lag.

Dealing with lag is nearly impossible. A lag-filled game is an unplayable one, often leading to very slow reaction and mistimed moments. In online games, this can be the cause of many losses. Not just for you, but for your entire team as well – and nobody wants that. But what can you do? Aside from the obvious internet connection upgrade, you can try a few things to remedy the situation.

Check Background Programs

Many programs do automatic updates as long as you have a connection to the internet. Antivirus, games, launchers; these updates can be as small as a few megabytes or as large as fifty gigabytes. Game updates for instance have a habit of eating a chunk of your bandwidth when downloading. Many of these updates also do not mention it beforehand. When you feel like your connection starts getting sluggish, try checking if you have any game launchers open. Check to see if your PC started any downloads. The Task bar at the bottom of your screen can often show which programs are currently active.

Updates are not only limited to your main computer. Phones, laptops, or other game consoles connected to the same WIFI can also drain resources. When you have limited internet speeds, turning off these devices’ connections can help keeping the resources on your main PC.

Check System Requirements

Lag can also happen despite a healthy internet connection. This is due to the computer not being able to handle the game. The most common suspect of this is the graphics card, but other hardware can also be at fault.

If upgrading is not an option at the moment, lowering the video settings can help prevent lag. Lag can often come from resource-intensive visual effects. Lowering the settings can make these effects minimal, giving your PC a shot at making it work. Video settings are not the only ones you should watch out. Decreasing the draw distance, as well as added effects like shadow, light rays, weather effects, and even grass volume can help.

Check for Mods

If lowering graphics settings is not enough, you can always try checking online for mods. Mods are fantastic third party additions that can change the way you play a game. Mods can range from adding characters, entire missions, and what you need – a way to tone down graphics even more. While this may end up making your game look very unappealing, the decrease in visuals can help your hardware keep up.

In the end, it is a matter of priority. Would you rather have a fast game, or a good-looking one? For most, the answer is simple. Online competitive games can do without the flash, but for single player, a bit of sluggish action is understandable for a beautiful view. When it comes to lag, it can be a very frustrating experience. You cannot expect to be at the top of your game while dealing with lag.

Take care of it as soon as possible to ensure a hassle-free gaming experience.

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