Facebook Data Theft Scandal Made Cambridge Analytica Bankrupt and Closed

Cambridge Analytica, a data analysis company that makes a furore by using personal data Facebook for the winning campaign Donald Trump, is currently in the process of closing. The closure of the Cambridge Analytica firm was made following bankruptcy filings by its affiliated company SCL Elections. By procedure, the bankruptcy filing will reach Cambridge Analytica.

Cambridge Analytica

Then next, the parent organization, SCL Group will also be closed. Information released from The Verge on Thursday (3/5/2018), reveals that the bankruptcy filing procedure has been officially submitted through official company information in the UK, and similar processes will begin in parallel in the United States.

The analyst firm said that the closure occurred because it could not bear the burden of exposure to bad news in various media. The bad news is to make the client and data supplier for the company gradually back down.

Forgotten news from the media has kept all the clients and suppliers away,” the company said in an official statement. On the other hand, the official statement also contains a Cambridge Analytica defense which states that internal investigations have found no errors.

Company actions are still in the prevailing legal corridor and are part of online advertising that has been accepted as a standard, both in the political and commercial world. Previously, Cambridge Analytica is a political consultant used by Donald Trump in the US presidential election campaign in 2016.

The company is said to have stolen and store millions of personal data of Facebook users. The company gets the data from a third party, named Aleksandr Kogan, who often makes surveys and personality quizzes on Facebook.

The survey and quiz applications created by Kogan are only downloaded by 270,000 users. But the effect hit up to 50 million people users, because the application is able to access data belonging to a friend of the downloader. Even the last mentioned that the effect reached 87 million users.


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