Extending your Device’s Lifespan

Technology is a very fast-paced environment. Every year, companies roll out new phones, computer parts, and game consoles for their consumers. People replace their current ones with the new, sometimes even multiple times a year. While this may seem like your device has a short shelf life, it does not have to be that way. With a few tips, you can prolong your item’s lifespan beyond its expected dates.

Dust and Cleaning

One of the main enemies of technology is dust. Dust can build up inside your devices overtime. This buildup can increase heat generated within, cutting lifespans of your technology significantly. PCs, specifically gaming PCs can significantly suffer from this heat problem. Heat generated from running resource-intensive games can ruin your device quickly. A PC that does not receive regular maintenance usually has a shorter life expectancy.

External Protection

Mobile devices have a short lifespan because of physical damage. When it comes to phones, the mindset always goes to replacing a damaged item instead of repairing. It is an easier concept – why bother looking for a repair technician for a chance to fix your phone? The more convenient way to solve this issue is to replace your phone entirely. Damage does not even have to be that severe. Any aesthetic damage to a device, such as a scratch, crack, or broken piece, can mean replacement.

To prevent this, buying cases from third party makers can add protection to your device. This is not only limited to phones. Items such as tablets, e-readers, and portable game consoles all have silicone / plastic casings available for sale. All you have to do is look.

Final Thoughts

If you take care of your items, they take care of you in return. They ensure that you do not spend your money needlessly for replacements. All you need is a little TLC for your devices and they can last years – perhaps decades even.

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