Book vs eReader: Which One Reigns Supreme?

Books are portals to another world. They tell stories, introduce characters, and can even tug at your heartstrings. They are a source of both knowledge and enjoyment. Books have been around for centuries, but their dominance may soon be at an end.

As technology moves forward, so too do newer alternatives. eReaders such as Kindle for instance have been alternatives to the traditional books. Both paper and tech versions offer perks that the other cannot provide. But which one is better?

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Old School Cool

Paperback books have that old school feel. The smell of book paper – especially a new one – is hard to forget. People also enjoy flipping the pages and using bookmarks while reading. Collectors also love to showcase their book sets at their homes. Having plenty of books around your home can also give off an intellectual vibe. One cannot say the same at the sight of a single eReader at your coffee table.

With the good, come the bad. Books are large and heavy. They can also be very bulky. Students of older generations can attest – lugging around books to classes is no picnic. Moving to a different apartment or house can also be bothersome with books. They can be very difficult to move, especially if you have plenty.

New Age Rage

eReaders on the other hand have technological comforts. The most common reason people use eReaders is because they are lightweight. Compared to lugging around an encyclopedia, a 300-gram tablet is a far superior choice.

Another main appeal of an eReader is its backlight capabilities. This gives you the ability to read a book without an external light source. How many times have you tried reading a book, only to fail because it was too dark? With eReaders, you do not have to worry about visibility any longer.

eReaders also have their negatives. You have to charge them regularly to see your books. Depending on the brand and model, this can range between a few days to once per month. Still, it requires a regular power source to keep going.

The eReaders can also be vulnerable to damage. Not all eReaders are waterproof. Water damage to a computer device can mean instant death. A drop can also break the screen.

Final Few Words

The debate essentially boils down to two things: convenience versus tradition.

A paper book is bulky, heavy, and has very durable pages. eReaders are lightweight, slim, can store thousands of books, and even has a backlight. However, one cannot deny the appeal of having a bookcase at home instead of one lone Kindle by the bed. The smell of paper on books can also be a great factor in prefering it over technology.

It all depends on where you are at the moment. If you intend to move around a lot, lugging around a library may not be the best choice. If you are ready to settle down and love books, a library (or even a bookcase) is a perfect idea.

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